Our IMaGe


Our IMaGe (and that’s not a typo).

Who are we? Why do we exist? What do we want to see happen in our lives, in your life, and in other people’s lives?

These three questions directly relate to our IMaGe, our Identity, our Mission, and our Goal. The first question helps us understand who we are in Christ and how we are to live for Him – our identity. The second question helps us understand why we exist both individually and as a church body – our mission. The third question helps us understand what we desire to see happen – our goal.

So, what is our IMaGe?


First, we have an IDENTITY. We are a family of born-again followers of Jesus Christ. When we become a follower of Jesus, God becomes our Heavenly Father, not just our Creator (John 1:12). We also become brothers and sisters in Christ, thus part of a family.

And our family should have certain characteristics, which include:

LOVING our Lord and our neighbor (Matthew 22:36-40)

CONNECTING with one another in Christian love to encourage love for the Lord and for our neighbors, and good works that honor God and help our neighbor (Hebrews 10:24-25)

GROWING in the grace and knowledge of our Lord (2 Peter 3:18)

SERVING others in the Spirit of Jesus Christ (Mark 10:45; John 13:13-17)

SHARING the good news of Jesus with others so that they might have a dynamic relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:16-20)

So, we are family who loves God and others, connects with one another, grows in Christlikeness, serves others like Jesus, and leads others to the saving knowledge of Jesus.


Second, we have a MISSION given to us by our Savior. The mission can be summarized in six words: LOVING GOD, LOVING PEOPLE, MAKING DISCIPLES. This mission is taken from Matthew 22:36-40 and Matthew 28:16-20. In fact, our mission can be found in our identity above. We express our love for the Lord in worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, and fellowship. We express our love for people in sharing the Gospel, teaching and modeling Christ, humble service to one another, and spending time together. As people accept Jesus, like you have, then we have the honor of helping you learn to follow Jesus and then teach others to follow Jesus, which leads to our Goal.


Third, our GOAL is found in two simple words – transformed lives. We want to see more people who know Jesus as Savior and Lord and are engaged fully in our mission of Loving God, Loving People, and Making Disciples.


So, who are we? Why do we exist? What do we want to see? What’s our Identity, Mission, and Goal? We are a loving, connecting, growing, serving, and gospel-sharing family on mission to love God, love people, and make disciples, so that lives are transformed by God’s grace. This is our IMaGe.


We do all this through seven ministry focus areas. These focus areas provide concrete actions by which we live out our identity on mission so that our Lord might change lives.

The seven ministry focus areas are:

1. Evangelism & Discipleship—Involve members to share the gospel with others in their lives, resulting in professions of faith in Christ and believer’s baptism.

2. Age-Appropriate Ministries—Develop and implement comprehensive age-appropriate ministries that will provide a loving environment for maturing in the faith and ministry to others in Jesus’ name.

3. Intergenerational Interactions—Provide interactions between individuals of different ages to promote unity, respect, and love as a witness for Jesus.

4. Ongoing Review of Existing & New Ministries—Review existing and new ministries as a foundational tool to achieve our mission.

5. Technology Upgrades & Facility Revitalization—Upgrade our facilities with up-to-date technological tools to improve engagement with the church family and our community for Christ.

6. Resources: People, Finances, Space—Provide resources such as people, finances, and space to facilitate our mission.

7. Improve Facility Utilization & Access—Improve the physical plant utilization and accessibility.


Click for Our IMaGe and Ministry Focus Areas in pdf format


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